My quiet time isn’t working: is yours?

i’ve started reading the book i got for such a great price, and i can already tell that it’s going to be great!  It’s called Oxygen:  Deep Breathing for the Soul, written by Keri Wyatt Kent.

i must admit:  i can be a bit uptight.  A by the book, follow the rules kind of girl.  i like things to be plainly stated, in black and white.

So, with my personality geared the way it is, sometimes i struggle with things that may require a bit of interpretation.  Like hearing God’s voice, for instance.  My preferred method of communication with God would be chatting over a nice cup of coffee, face to face.  i want to audibly hear Him, so my little brain will know for sure what God is trying to say.

Well, last time i checked, God isn’t speaking from burning bushes much anymore, and the only rumblings from above turned out to be thunder!  That means that i have to learn to hear Him in my everyday life, in the ways that He chooses to speak to me.

That’s the part i’m not very good at.

i get up at 4:45 am every weekday to get quiet time before i go to work.  i usually pray, and spend a few minutes reading my bible or working on a study.  i often feel rushed (especially when i hit snooze three times!), and end up checking my watch to make sure i don’t run late for work. 

i end up feeling hurried, guilty, and frankly, don’t get much out of it.  i rattle off my prayer, frequently very similar to the day before.  Then i go straight to my reading.

i don’t leave time for God to talk back to me.  i may be quiet and still for a moment, but when i don’t hear God’s voice booming through the house after i pray, i move on and fill my mind with the words of a Bible teacher or devotional writer.  Don’t get me wrong:  bible studies are wonderful, and devotionals are great ways to make the most of a limited quiet time by giving you guidance and something to ponder.

But i want more.  When I pray to my Father, i’m usually asking for more of Him.  To know Him better.  To understand and recognize His will.  To see His plan for me.

So if i want all these answers from Him, shouldn’t i listen for His answer? 

i know God blesses me for the effort, but i’m not pleased with my effort.  God deserves so much better than what i offer! 

Oxygen is going to show me ways to make better use of my quiet time.  Keri uses different techniques to help you find the way that you hear God best.  Day One used Deep Listening and let me tell you, it was a doozy!  I feel so much more connected and refreshed already!

For the next few posts, i’m going to share with you what i’m learning.  It may be specifics for my life and answers i’m seeking.  It may be principles that apply to us all.  i just want to be true to my God and share what He leads me to!  i invite you to come back and see how it’s going, whether you have a fulfilling quiet time or not.  My hope is that God will speak through this experience, in ways that we can all hear Him!

Tell you what:  let’s make this a little interactive discussion.  What does your quiet time look like?


3 Responses to My quiet time isn’t working: is yours?

  1. Stacy says:

    That’s great. I’m anxious to hear what you’re reading and learning! :) I’m never good at taking time out to *listen*, either.

    My quiet times at the moment consist of snatches of prayers in the middle of the night while I’m breastfeeeding. Or reading over the memory verses I have posted in our shower.

    But a few weeks ago it consisted of 1) reading the Bible w/ a read-through-the-Bible plan/schedule, 2) journaling; making notes/copying verses that stand out to me, and 3) prayer. But I always struggle with the letting God speak to ME part. :) I find, though, that when I’m asking Him specifically: “Lord, may I hear Your voice. Speak to me through Your Word today…” He is faithful to do so. I just need to a) keep on asking Him and b) pay attention when I do. :)


  2. Bitsy says:

    I have the same problem and have found that I can listen best when I am doing mindless exercise, like swimming laps or taking a long walk – anything that doesn’t require concentration. I am looking forward to reading your upcoming posts. I haven’t been exercising much lately and I need more quiet time with God, too!

  3. Bonita says:

    One thing you said really struck me: In the way He chooses to speak to me. It’s not about how I want to hear from Him, but how HE wants to speak to me.

    My quiet times these days usually happen around 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. I’m not one to start with a devotional reading and then move to scripture, but in the last few weeks that’s what I’ve been doing and it’s working pretty well. In the last few days, though, I’ve been reviewing some scriptures about overcoming fear, namely the fear of public speaking, as I have a big engagement coming up in a few months. The hardest thing for me is fitting in prayer. It’s not a lack of time (sometimes it is), but I almost feel paralyzed about praying and I’m not sure why.

    I also have devotions with my son a little later in the morning and those are so fruitful for both of us. Per his request, we’re studying the guidance of God in our lives. I never have trouble praying with him. Odd.

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