i just need a moment of your time…

February 25, 2009

to tell you how wonderful My Man is. :-)

i’d be lying if i said that he was amazing all the time.  Because he isn’t.

But lately he’s been pretty darn close!

Last night, he gave the kids a bath so i could get some chores done.  He puts gas in my car, and sometimes turns it around in the driveway so i don’t have to back out in the early morning darkness every day.  And he listens to me complain.

Like today.

i must admit that i’ve been having a bit of a pity party.  i had responsibilities at work that i have occasionally that frankly are not my favorite.  Gripe, gripe, gripe. 

I moaned about how all of our clothes, towels and anything washable seems to be full of holes and i’m too cheap to go shopping.  Gripe, gripe, gripe.  He just smiled, and agreed.

I yelled about the dog jumping on the kids, barking incessantly when he’s outside, and destroying everything he can get those canine teeth on.  Gripe, gripe, gripe. 

I fussed about a wrong i felt i had suffered, and how this one individual never seems to listen to what I say.  Or anyone, for that matter!  Which is stifling when you’re trying to make progress and need their cooperation, and frankly, it’s down-right annoying!  Gripe, gripe, gripe. 

He listened, sympathized, and even offered to talk to my offender about it.  And then he hugged me.

Then he told me that i looked really pretty today.

Yep.  He’s a keeper.  :-)

(Don’t hate me because i have a good one – my first husband was a drunk and a drug addict – and i just didn’t like his girlfriend!)

God, i love My Man!  Thank you for letting me have the courage to chase him for that first date!  My first marriage was nothing like this, Lord, probably because i chose him, and You didn’t.  i’m pretty sure that You did choose My Man just for me, and i can’t thank you enough, especially on days like today.  He’s just what i needed.

And in case any of you are struggling with a husband who you want to throw back in the water, i’m all ears.  i’ve been there, and i survived.  i’d be happy to talk to you, or just listen, if you need a friend.  You can reach me at alittleilife@charter.net.


Just long enough!

February 23, 2009

Well, we’re back.


Didn’t we just leave?

Oh, yeah.  We did!  i guess those long weekends are just never quite long enough.  But, this one was long enough to sleep really good in a bed with big, fluffy pillows and warm comforters for two nights.

And just long enough to let us watch “Gran Torino” with Clint Eastwood one night (recommended!) and Best Picture winner “Slumdog Millionaire” the next.  (HIGHLY recommended!)

Long enough to have popcorn for dinner two nights :-)

It was long enough for us to grab a late night pizza at our favorite place, Bearno’s.

Long enough to have Ms. Garmin direct our route all over that gorgeous countryside, so we could enjoy even more of it in a shorter time.

The weekend was long enough to let us have a little bit of warmth, followed by a lot of cold and snow.  Which gave us just enough beauty, while allowing just enough safety on the roadways.  (Unfortunately, i couldn’t take pictures and drive.  But it was amazing.  Icicles on limestone walls?  Stunning!  Snow-covered trees?  Heavenly!  i so wish i was a photographer!  i hope my mental camera had plenty of film!)

The wintry weather worried us just enough to get us on the road a little early, missing our favorite “vacation church,” but cleared up just early enough that we were able to catch a service at a never-seen-before church that we enjoyed, too. (Clicking on that link will show you a tiny glimpse of what we saw all weekend!)

We had just enough time to get home before dark, and see the kids before they went to bed.

i guess maybe our weekend away was just long enough, after all…

Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful weekend with My Man.  i am abundantly blessed.  It is always such a joy to be able to step back from the daily grind and slow down.  Look around.  Actually notice the surroundings.  Be given the time to have an actual conversation, free of constant interruptions.

My prayer now, Father, is that my readers will have the same opportunity to find a few minutes, hours or days to rest.  Relax.  Enjoy the beauty surrounding us that You created, God.  To see You, in all Your Glory, and praise You.

i pray that they will be able to spend that much needed quality time with their spouse, and reconnect as a couple.   i pray that they take the time to enjoy being together.

Thank you, Lord, for knowing just what we need, when we need it. Thank you, Lord, for knowing exactly when we’ve had just enough…Amen.

I’m just warnin’ ya…

February 19, 2009

This week contains a lot of things to celebrate:  Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries….so i’ll be gone for a day or three to PARTY!  My Man and i are trying to get out town for the weekend.  If we are successful, i will likely not be here on the ole blog.

I thought i’d warn you, just in case you come looking for me.  :-)

Have a great weekend everybody!!

Grace, Grace, Grace

February 17, 2009

If you’ll remember from a previous post, we have had all sorts of germs running rampant in our house recently. We thought they had mostly run their course, and the boys, though easily tired, were ready to go back to school.

So they did.

Until 11am on their first day back when my husband got a call from The King’s teacher. To tell us that he had a fever and his cough was bad, and that we should pick him up.

My Man’s schedule was more flexible than mine, so he went to the school. When he got there, The King was playing on the playground. You know – the sick kid, with a fever? PLAYING.ON.THE.PLAYGROUND. While it’s windy and in the low 40’s outside.

i could feel the heat rising in my face as My Man told me the story. What kind of teacher is this who thinks a child is sick enough to be removed from her classroom, yet well enough to go play outside with his friends? It just didn’t make sense to me. The more i thought about it, the angrier I got.

Then that little voice started saying, “Grace, grace, grace,” just like that darlin’ Lysa TerKeurst does. Reminding me that my sweet Jesus gives me grace every day, and asks me to give the same.

Most days, i think he drops it on me by the Heavenly Bucketful. :-)

Which means i should at least be able to dish out at least a cup or two of it, right?

So, i may not understand the thought processes that made The King’s teacher make the choices that she did, but i have to give her grace to make mistakes, because God knows i mess up all the time.

Well, let’s hear it. Do you need to give someone “grace, grace, grace” today?

a little intro

February 17, 2009

i read this post called Introductions over at Internet Cafe Devotions, and man, is it good! It was written by Melanie at This Ain’t New York. Please be sure to read it!

She says what i feel. i won’t even try to describe it, except to say that it is talks about our identities.

You go, Melaine!!

Jesus, Superstar

February 16, 2009

I don’t know why exactly, but this cartoon just cracks me up!


It’s all fun and games until someone hacks up a lung.

February 15, 2009
I am now a pro at these.

I am now a pro at these.

“She is clothed with strength (necessary for playing round after round of Yahtzee Jr.) and dignity (for when she loses to her preschooler); she can laugh at the days to come (because her kids are so darned funny!)…Her children arise and call her blessed (i sure hope so because i was getting tired of playing games!)” – a Mommy’s paraphrase of Proverbs 31:25, 28

Staying home with sick children is not usually fun.  They’re whiny.  They’re sweaty and gross from the fever.  They may be leaving you lots of disgusting thing to clean up all over the house.  Not to mention that you’re worried about catching whatever they have, and then wondering, “Who will take care of me?”

The up side is that when they feel better, you can actually enjoy the time you have with them.  As a working mom, i often feel guilty about the amount of quality time i have with my kids.  i wonder, “What kind of memories am i leaving them with?  When they’re my age, what will they remember about me?”

The point is, you can make memories with them any time – you just have to make the effort.  So, while i needed to clean the bathrooms, wash 43 loads of laundry, and take a shower, i opted for 14 rounds of Yahtzee Jr., four games of Speed Trouble, two of plain-jane Trouble, and two games of Sorry.

i got to enjoy watching The Baby shaking the cup of dice on his turns, and pretending to on mine.  i got to delight in the fact that he can count, evidenced as he moved his playing pieces around the board.  and i got to see that precious smile and hear his sweet giggle.

Until it was drowned out by the sound of The King coughing his head off in the other room because he was too cool to play with us. :-)

i had to fight the urge to tell them to hurry up with their turn because i needed to check on the beans.  i hated turning them down for another game when after two hours i simply had to get something accomplished so my head wouldn’t explode.

Sometimes, we just have to put ourselves aside serve those around us instead.  It will pay off.  Hopefully, when my kids are grown and home with my sick grandkids, they’ll remember that Mom took the time to hang out and play games with them, even when they were germy!