That’s the good stuff!

March 3, 2009

(Sorry – i love Kenny Chesney, too!)


Randomly Good Stuff about today:

i had a student following me at work, and he didn’t even bug me.  :-)

My boss wasn’t mad that i had to miss work because of snow/school closings yesterday. :-)

i left work ON TIME.  :-)

i discovered this amazing new singer on another blog, and snagged the LAST COPY of her CD at the store this afternoon.  SCORE! :-)  (Her name is Francesca Battistelli, and she ROCKS!)

i have been feeling the need to get more rest lately, in many forms:  resting my weary brain, exhausted body, and tired spirit.  i began groundwork for a little bible study about it this morning, only to stumble across a couple of books addressing that very topic.  Guess what was on sale at the same store i got my new CD?  ONE OF THOSE BOOKS!  :-)

BONUS:  That book rang up LESS at the register than the price tag!    :-)  :-)  i can’t wait to share it with you!

Another one of those books was available on, and should be mailed soon!  :-)

One of my very best friends from my teen years found me on Facebook!  i’ve missed her terribly, and feel just giddy about reconnecting.  i can’t stop smiling!

Thank You, Lord, for an amazing day.  We need those every now and then, and Your timing is always perfect.  My cup runneth over today, Lord!  May my happiness spill over, and cause me to be a blessing to others i encounter.  i ask that You bless my readers with great joy as well, Father.  We love You, Lord – help us to live like it!


I’m just warnin’ ya…

February 19, 2009

This week contains a lot of things to celebrate:  Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries….so i’ll be gone for a day or three to PARTY!  My Man and i are trying to get out town for the weekend.  If we are successful, i will likely not be here on the ole blog.

I thought i’d warn you, just in case you come looking for me.  :-)

Have a great weekend everybody!!