That’s the good stuff!

March 3, 2009

(Sorry – i love Kenny Chesney, too!)


Randomly Good Stuff about today:

i had a student following me at work, and he didn’t even bug me.  :-)

My boss wasn’t mad that i had to miss work because of snow/school closings yesterday. :-)

i left work ON TIME.  :-)

i discovered this amazing new singer on another blog, and snagged the LAST COPY of her CD at the store this afternoon.  SCORE! :-)  (Her name is Francesca Battistelli, and she ROCKS!)

i have been feeling the need to get more rest lately, in many forms:  resting my weary brain, exhausted body, and tired spirit.  i began groundwork for a little bible study about it this morning, only to stumble across a couple of books addressing that very topic.  Guess what was on sale at the same store i got my new CD?  ONE OF THOSE BOOKS!  :-)

BONUS:  That book rang up LESS at the register than the price tag!    :-)  :-)  i can’t wait to share it with you!

Another one of those books was available on, and should be mailed soon!  :-)

One of my very best friends from my teen years found me on Facebook!  i’ve missed her terribly, and feel just giddy about reconnecting.  i can’t stop smiling!

Thank You, Lord, for an amazing day.  We need those every now and then, and Your timing is always perfect.  My cup runneth over today, Lord!  May my happiness spill over, and cause me to be a blessing to others i encounter.  i ask that You bless my readers with great joy as well, Father.  We love You, Lord – help us to live like it!


Just long enough!

February 23, 2009

Well, we’re back.


Didn’t we just leave?

Oh, yeah.  We did!  i guess those long weekends are just never quite long enough.  But, this one was long enough to sleep really good in a bed with big, fluffy pillows and warm comforters for two nights.

And just long enough to let us watch “Gran Torino” with Clint Eastwood one night (recommended!) and Best Picture winner “Slumdog Millionaire” the next.  (HIGHLY recommended!)

Long enough to have popcorn for dinner two nights :-)

It was long enough for us to grab a late night pizza at our favorite place, Bearno’s.

Long enough to have Ms. Garmin direct our route all over that gorgeous countryside, so we could enjoy even more of it in a shorter time.

The weekend was long enough to let us have a little bit of warmth, followed by a lot of cold and snow.  Which gave us just enough beauty, while allowing just enough safety on the roadways.  (Unfortunately, i couldn’t take pictures and drive.  But it was amazing.  Icicles on limestone walls?  Stunning!  Snow-covered trees?  Heavenly!  i so wish i was a photographer!  i hope my mental camera had plenty of film!)

The wintry weather worried us just enough to get us on the road a little early, missing our favorite “vacation church,” but cleared up just early enough that we were able to catch a service at a never-seen-before church that we enjoyed, too. (Clicking on that link will show you a tiny glimpse of what we saw all weekend!)

We had just enough time to get home before dark, and see the kids before they went to bed.

i guess maybe our weekend away was just long enough, after all…

Thank you, Lord, for a wonderful weekend with My Man.  i am abundantly blessed.  It is always such a joy to be able to step back from the daily grind and slow down.  Look around.  Actually notice the surroundings.  Be given the time to have an actual conversation, free of constant interruptions.

My prayer now, Father, is that my readers will have the same opportunity to find a few minutes, hours or days to rest.  Relax.  Enjoy the beauty surrounding us that You created, God.  To see You, in all Your Glory, and praise You.

i pray that they will be able to spend that much needed quality time with their spouse, and reconnect as a couple.   i pray that they take the time to enjoy being together.

Thank you, Lord, for knowing just what we need, when we need it. Thank you, Lord, for knowing exactly when we’ve had just enough…Amen.